“00” Pasta Fresca

Made from only the heart of the wheat, Caputo “00” Pasta Fresca e Gnocchi results in light and consistent doughs that melt in your mouth. From ravioli and gnocchi to all of your favorite fresh and laminated pasta, the pastabilities are endless. For extruded pasta, we recommend blending “00” Pasta Fresca with Caputo Semolina.

Protein: 12.50%
Flour Type: “00”
Pack Size: 10/1kg (2.2lb), 25kg (55lb)
Product of Italy

Item Number: FL-PASTA-25
Pack Size: 25kg
Unit Dimensions: 23″x15″x5″
Net weight: 55lbs
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 5 x10

Item Number: FL-PASTA-10/1
Pack Size: 10/1kg
Case Dimensions: 10.5″x10.5″x15″
Net weight (case): 22lbs
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 9 x 6

Caputo “00” Pasta Fresca’s finely milled, high-quality provides the perfect texture, elasticity, and consistency for a wide range of pasta varieties like fresh pasta, laminated pasta, and gnocchi.

Soft Wheat Flour Type “00”
Contains: Wheat

Store sealed in a cool, dry place.

12 months from production


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