A Flour for Every Purpose

Since 1924, Caputo has ground wheat with generosity and passion soas to offer professionals and baking connoisseurs the very best in quality flour, produced with great respect for the raw ingredients and traditions. The experience developed over three generations as Master Neapolitan Millers means Caputo can guarantee extremely high standards of quality as well as the preservation of the natural authenticity of flavors. This is achieved thanks to techniques that use wheat alone, skillfully selected and mixed following a slow grinding process. This is the art of Caputo, the Mill of Naples.


No Additives

Caputo’s secret lies in the flour, which they treat with love and respect. That means no chemicals or bleaching agents.


Traditional Milling and Grinding Process

Through a slow and gentle grinding process, the grains retain their original, unaltered characteristics.


Three Generations of Quality

Caputo has the passion and know-how of three generations in their DNA.



Flour is a natural and eco-sustainable product. Caputo has a Zero Waste Policy where chemical agent intervenes in Caputo’s production process and the byproduct of every grain kernel milled (the husk and bran) is used for animal feed!

Know Your Flour

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