Our Brands


Thanks to the experience developed over three generations, Caputo guarantees extremely high standards of quality. Caputo selects and mixes the best wheat in the tradition of the ancient art of milling, followed by a slow grinding process which preserves the starch, protein, and natural flavor. Rather than an all-purpose flour, Caputo has expertly crafted flours for every purpose to meet the specific needs of chefs and consistently guarantee high standards of quality.


Ciao takes extra care in selecting their tomatoes to ensure only the best whole and mature tomatoes are canned. These tomatoes are harvested from carefully chosen farmers, and are packaged within 6 hours of being harvested. Ciao tomatoes are known for their exceptional balance and their fresh and natural tomato flavor which is derived from the volcanic soil in the south of Italy.

Torre Lupara

Located in Caserta, Italy, Torre Lupara is a farmstead cheese company producing some of the finest hand-made Mozzarella di Bufala. With history dating back over 125 years, Lupara is a vertically integrated company with complete control over all the raw materials and cheese making process. They have developed a safe and effective way to freeze their product while retaining high-levels of quality and consistency.


Olitalia selects only the best raw materials for their products. For over thirty years, Olitalia has been synonymous with only the best in food, providing delicious and wholesome condiments vital for a balanced and healthy diet. They oversee the entire creation process of all their oils and vinegars, from selection in the orchard to quality certification, and they pay special attention to the latest trends in health and well-being to bring you only the best ingredients possible.


Ortoconserviera Cameranese

Ortoconserviera Cameranese is an agrifood company that has been producing, preserving and selling products in oil for three generations. Grounding on its longstanding passion and experience, Ortoconserviera Cameranese preserves and passes on typical recipes and flavours of the Marche region.


Deliziosa, located in Puglia, Italy, produces artisan cheese products from the finest Puglian cow’s milk. Handcrafted by multi-generational master cheesemakers and tested to the most stringent hygiene and quality standards, Deliziosa has perfected the art of burrata and stracciatella production and guarantees quality and consistency with each bite.



SAICA Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been an Orlando label since the 1960s. Spanning all three generations, it’s a symbol of our Sicilian origin as the oil comes from the Castelvetrano region of Sicily. Fruity with bold flavors that enhance any dish, it is delicate enough to cook with yet bold enough to use as a finishing oil.