“00” Americana

Caputo “00” Americana is designed for artisanal pizza and baking. This soft yet strong flour creates rustic, ornate crusts with pleasant aromas and beautiful crumb structures, especially when used with preferments. Ideal for 500-700 degree ovens, this flour was crafted for artisan bakers and is ideal for New York and Neo-Neapolital style pizza that is shaped by hand. Feel the elastic spring of a dough made with “00” Americana, a flour milled slowly for optimal water absorption and superior yield.

Protein: 14.25%
Flour Type: “00”
Pack Size: 25kg (55lb)
Product of Italy

Item Number: FL-AMER-25
Pack Size: 25kg
Unit Dimensions: 23″x15’x5″
Net Weight: 55lbs
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 5 x10

Caputo “00” Americana’s fine milling and protein content make it the perfect choice for those seeking to create authentic, traditional, and artisan-style recipes, especially when it comes to pizza and bread-making. It performs best at 500-750 degrees.

Soft Wheat Flour Type “00”
Contains: Wheat

Store sealed in a cool, dry place.

12 months from production


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