“0” Nuvola Super

Caputo “0” Nuvola Super is the evolution of flour created for dough made using a pre-ferment such as Biga or Poolish. Ideal for light, airy doughs like Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza and Roman Style Pizza in Teglia, it’s innovative formulation is the product of a careful selection of partially fermented grains and is designed for high-hydration doughs made with an indirect method and long leavening. With “0” Nuvola Super you’ll experience a cotton candy-like sensation as your dough melts in your mouth!

Protein: 13.50%
Flour Type: “0”
Pack Size: 25kg (55lb)
Product of Italy

Item Number: FL-NUVSP-25
Pack Size: 25kg
Unit Dimensions: 23″x15’x5″
Net weight: 55lbs
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 5 x10

Caputo Nuvola Super Wheat Flour is a premium Italian flour known for its exceptional qualities that yield light, airy, and tender results in baking. Its ability to produce light and tender textures makes it an essential choice for bakers and pastry chefs aiming to create exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth treats.

It’s ideal for preferments, light and airy doughs, Contemporary Neapolitan pizza, Roman pizza styles, focaccias, and breads.

Soft Wheat Flour Type “0”
Contains: Wheat

Store sealed in a cool, dry place.

12 months from production

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