“0” Aria

Caputo “0” Aria Flour was specially formulated with a blend of “0” wheat flour and pasta madre (mother sourdough) which makes it ideal for light and crisp doughs like Pinsa, Pizza in Teglia, and Pizza in Pala. The addition of 100% natural dried sourdough, made solely by water and soft wheat flour type “0”, makes this product especially unique, as it aids in the fermentation process and gives the dough airiness, fragrance, and longevity.

Protein: 13.00%
Flour Type: “0”
Pack Size: 25kg (55lbs)
Product of Italy

Item Number: FL-ARIA-25
Pack Size: 25kg
Unit Dimensions: 23″x15’x5″
Net weight: 55lbs
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 5 x10

Caputo “0” Aria is an exciting addition to the culinary world. Its inclusion of pasta madre (mother sourdought) makes it the perfect choice for pinsa, pizza in teglia, pizza in pala, focaccia, and anywhere you are looking for a light and crisp texture. It performs best at 500-750 degrees.

Soft Wheat Flour Type “0,” and Mother Sourdough (inactive dried sourdough)
contains: wheat

Store sealed in a cool, dry place.

12 months from production


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