Tori Messinger Personality Pic

Tori Messinger

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Meet Tori, a food lover with a special fondness for Italian flavors and traditions. Growing up traveling in Italy sparked her passion for food, which she explored further through home cooking, while studying Sociology and Ceramic Arts at the University of Colorado Boulder.

After graduation, she followed her heart to ICE Culinary Institute, where she dove into Culinary and Restaurant Management. She then fine-tuned her skills at Alma Culinary Institute in Parma, Italy, mastering the art of pasta making.

Now, as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Tori blends her culinary talents with her knack for business and communication. She’s all about sharing her love for food and creating amazing culinary experiences.

Tori Messinger Personality Pic

Some Fun Facts About Tori:

  Most underrated pizza topping? Balsamic Glaze

  Favorite dessert? Chocolate Ganache Cake

  Describe yourself in one word? Optimistic

  What’s your favorite pasta cut? Gemelli and Fusilli

  What is one thing you’ve learned since working for OFS? What it means to work with a great team!

Favorite Recipe

Stracciatella Pesto Pasta

Creamy Pesto Pasta

This vibrant dish features al dente pasta tossed in a fragrant basil pesto sauce, marrying the freshness of basil with the richness of Parmigiana and pine nuts. It brings me back to my childhood!

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