Semi-Dried Tomatoes

Orto Semi-Dried Tomatoes are harvested, halved, and sundried. Later, they are re-hydrated in oil and vinegar and are seasoned with a mixture of spices resulting in a softer texture and savory flavor. Like standard sundried tomatoes, they capture the essence of ripe tomatoes through a process of slow drying under the sun. This method concentrates the flavors, creating an intense, slightly sweet, and pleasantly chewy ingredient.

Vegetable/Fruit Type: Tomatoes
Pack Size: 2/1.9kg
Product of Italy

Item Number: OC-SEMI-TOM-2/1.9
Pack Size: 2/1.9kg
Net weight: 4.18lbs
Case Dimensions: 11.2″ x 7.6″ x 5.7″
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 20 x 8

Semi-dried tomatoes are a valuable ingredient that can transform a variety of dishes with their rich and sweet tomato flavor. Their unique texture and versatility make them an asset in your kitchen, whether you’re preparing salads, pastas, dips, sandwiches, pizzas, breads, sauces, soups, and more!

Semi-dried cherry tomatoes, sunflower oil, salt, oregano, garlic, acidity regulator: citric acid E330, preservative: potassium sorbate E202

Keep in a cool, dry place at a distance from heat sources or direct sunlight. Once opened, keep in a refrigerator.

36 months from production

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