Red Cerignola Olives

Orto Red Cerignola Olives, like their green counterparts, originate from the town of Cerignola in southern Italy and stand out with their rich and vibrant red to dark burgundy color. These olives, often referred to as “Cerignola Rossa” or “Red Cerignola, boast a delightful combination of fruity, mildly sweet, and briny flavors. They are prized for their dense, meaty texture, which provides a satisfying bite. Their unique taste is distinct from the green Cerignola olives and adds a dash of color and flavor to your dishes. These olives complement a wide array of ingredients and dishes, including cheeses, charcuterie, roasted vegetables, and pasta. Their slightly sweet undertones also make them an appealing choice for pairing with wine, especially when served as part of an appetizer platter.

Vegetable Type: Olives
Pack Size: 2/4kg
Product of Italy

Item Number: ORTOBCR2-4
Pack Size: 2/4kg cans
Net weight: 18lbs
Case Dimensions: 6″ x 12″ x9.5″
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 17 x 5

Red Cerignola olives offer a bold, visual impact with their deep red color and a delightful burst of flavor that’s both slightly sweet and briny. Their versatility and Mediterranean charm make them a captivating choice for enhancing the aesthetics and taste of your dishes, ensuring that they stand out on any table.

Red “Bella di Cerignola” olives, water,s alt, acidity corrector: lactic acid, citric acid, aniossidant: ascorbic acid, dye: FD&C Red N.3

Keep in a cool, dry place at a distance from heat sources or direct sunlight. Once opened, keep in a refrigerator.

36 months

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