“00” Pizzeria

Caputo’s signature product, recognized by leading Neapolitan Pizzaioli and Certification Associations around the world, “00” Pizzeria Flour is ideal for classic and traditional Neapolitan pizza baked in wood fired, gas or electric ovens at high temperatures. With elastic, resistant gluten and high-quality protein, it guarantees light dough as well as the perfect balance of chewiness and crispiness.

Protein: 12.50%
Flour Type: “00”
Pack Size: 10/1kg (2.2lb), 5kg (11lb), 25kg (55lb)
Product of Italy

Item Number: FL-PIZZA-25
Pack Size: 25kg
Net weight: 55lbs
Unit Dimensions: 23″x15″x5″
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 5 x 10

Item Number: FL-PIZZA-5
Pack Size: 5kg
Net weight: 11lbs
Unit Dimensions: 11″x8″x5″
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 23 x 11

Item Number: FL-PIZZA-10/1
Pack Size: 10/1kg
Net weight (case): 22lbs
Case Dimensions: 10.5″x10.5″x15″
Pallet Configuration: ti/hi 9 x 6

Finely milled with optimal protein content, Caputo “00” Pizzeria is a favorite among pizzerias and pizza enthusiasts worldwide who craft traditional Neapolitan pizzas at high temperatures 800 degrees and beyond.

Soft Wheat Flour Type “00”
Contains: Wheat

Store sealed in a cool, dry place.

12 months from production


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