Bryon Freeze Personality Picture

Bryon Freeze

Texas and Oklahoma Territory Manager

Bryon’s interest in a culinary career began at age 15 when he worked in fast food and felt the excitement of a service rush. The teamwork, fast pace, and organization really drew him into pursuing a career in the culinary arts.  He landed his first role in fine dining at 18 years old, working garde manager and a wood oven, cooking pizzas every night.

Bryon spent the next 12 years cooking across America, working in kitchens in Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, and Southern California.  Working with different chefs and cuisines he honed his craft and grew from a line cook to an Executive Chef.  His hard work, passion, and attention to detail earned him opportunities to work with chefs such as George Perrier, Jean Georges, Octavio Becerra (of Patina group fame), Tim Hollingsworth, and Neal Fraser.  He also appeared on the Food Network twice, participated in LA Food & Wine Festival 2013, and ran a James Beard nominated restaurant in Santa Monica, CA.

After 15 years in kitchens, Bryon moved on to working in Food Distribution sales in Los Angeles, CA.  In that new role he met countless food manufacturers and importers that were responsible for so many ingredients that he loved to work with.  He found his next passion, educating the hospitality industry about quality ingredients soured and made with integrity.

Bryon spent the last 5 years working to build a Japanese Ingredient Importer across North America.  When he learned of a chance to scale back to a regional role in Texas, he jumped at the opportunity to join the Orlando Foods team.  Having used Caputo flour in his time in kitchens, it’s an exciting new opportunity to educate the Texas and Oklahoma markets about high quality Italian ingredients.  It also allows him the opportunity to settle down and start building a family.

Bryon Freeze Personality Picture

Some Fun Facts About Bryon:

  Most underrated pizza topping? Anchovies

  Favorite style of pizza? Neapolitan

  Describe yourself in one word? Passionate

  What’s your favorite pasta cut? Cavatelli

  How would you describe OFS in 1 word? Family

Favorite Recipe



I love that the hands-on process of rolling and shaping the dough is both therapeutic and rewarding and results in a comforting meal that is wonderfully soft and delicious from just a few simple ingredients!

Recipe Coming Soon!