The Frying Guide

The Frying Guide

December 2023

How you treat your oil can make all the difference when deep-frying. Everything from how you prepare the foods you are frying, how often you are filtering the oil, and how much oil is in the filter can impact the quality of the oil over time.  

The most common problems found in the kitchen around frying are smoke, foaming, bad odors, short shelf life, and greasy results. Frienn High Oleic Sunflower Oil for Frying by Olitalia guarantees deep-fried foods with unique textures and flavors, ensuring excellent, high-quality results as required by top restaurants. Thanks to Frienn’s formulation of high-oleic sunflower oil with vitamin E and antioxidants partly deriving from rosemary, food fried in it will always be crispy, dry, and light in taste. Its high-temperature stability, neutral flavor, and longer life mean that it improves food costs, leads to less oil absorption during frying, and is perfect for foods ordered for delivery. 

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Now that you’ve invested in a quality oil, here are some tips to get the most out of your oil when frying: 

Before Frying 

  1. Use appropriate food fats. 
  2. Prepare thefood that is to be fried. Avoid using water, salt, and spices because they accelerate the breakdown of the oil. Salt and spices should be added after frying.  
  3. Avoid oil temperatures exceeding 347 ºF to prevent the breakdown of the oil: the correct temperature is 302-320°F for large pieces of food; 320-347°F for smaller ones.

During Frying 

  1. Only fry food once, and always drain it well to remove excess oil.  
  2. Monitor the amount of oil in the fryer. If the oil level is below the minimum allowed by the capacity of the fryer, do not top the fryer with oil.  
  3. Monitor the quality of the oil during frying. High viscosity and smoke indicate that the oil has been used a lot. 

After Frying 

  1. Filter the used oil if it is still suitable for frying. Thoroughly clean the filter and the oil tank. Charred crusts, oily viscous residues, or old oil remains accelerate the alteration and breakdown of oil.  
  2. Protect your oils and fats from light.  

Alongside Olitalia, our aim is to provide every chef with the right ingredient that can enhance their creativity, and that’s Frienn. 

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