Rochelle Bantilan

Rochelle Bantilan

Logistics Manager

Meet Rochelle, who, after immigrating to the US in 2000, has been making her mark in the world of imports. Her professional career led her through notable names like Mitsui Foods Inc., National Cortina, and Seviroli Foods/Vertullo Imports.

In January 2022, Rochelle became an invaluable part of the Orlando Foods family, taking on the role of Logistics Manager where she is entrusted with the important tasks of overseeing import shipments, coordinating with freight forwarders, managing trucking logistics, and ensuring the seamless movement of containers from their origin to their destination.

Her expert touch ensures that the products from afar reach our customers with precision and care. Rochelle is a vital part of the Orlando Foods family, making our culinary connections possible.

Rochelle Bantilan

Some Fun Facts About Rochelle:

   Favorite pasta cut? Orecchiette

   Favorite dessert? Tiramisu

   Favorite Orlando Foods memory? Company Offsite Meeting in 2023

   What’s one word to describe Orlando Foods? Family

   What’s one word to describe yourself?  Hardworking

Favorite Recipe

Pot Roast

Pot Roast

I love making this recipe because it’s easy and a favorite amongst my son and daughter!  It’s comforting aroma and melt-in-your-mouth texture make it a cherished favorite that is nostalgic, homestyle goodness!

Recipe coming soon!