Our History

Our Mission

We aim to innovate and elevate the food quality in America by bringing you the true authentic flavors of Italy.


We are pioneers, always evolving, bringing awareness, and empowering our team and others in our industry.


Committed to always doing the right thing, we practice what we preach.


We strive to make people’s lives better through simple, natural, authentic Italian ingredients.


We love what we do and we do what we love.


We bring people together to foster an environment of inclusivity and collaboration.

Our History

We have a history in the tradition of Italian foods, starting in 1948, with no signs of slowing.


Charlie Orlando (our Nonno who emigrated from Sicily in the 1930’s) starts importing Italian Foods to the USA after seeing that there is a void in this market for authentic Italian products. He begins to import tomatoes, cheeses, olive oils, anchovies, and other staple Italian ingredients.

Mid 1960s

Charlie’s sons, Carlo (we refer to him as Sr) and Nicky, join the business after college. They begin to help their father, Charlie, and the company he was building around him, to expand into new territories.


Orlando Foods begins to import SAICA, a special Sicilian Extra Virgin Oil that pays homage to our roots. We still import this Oil today!

Mid 1970’s

Carlo (Sr) takes over the business and brings on a partner well known in the food industry, John Taormina. They continue to expand the importation of Italian foods to USA.


Fred Mortati joins his uncle, Carlo Sr, in the business and becomes the 3rd generation to enter Orlando Foods.


Carlo Jr joins his father (Carlo Sr), John, and Fred at Orlando Foods, and the 90’s begin to mark a new chapter for the business.

Early 1990s

Orlando Foods begins to help BARILLA establish a market in the USA for their pasta and begins to work closely with Lino Cutolo and his CIAO tomato plant, establishing a strong partnership.


Fred and Carlo bought out Carlo Sr and John Taormina, establishing Orlando Food Sales, Inc, a new company to be run by this 3rd generation. Fred and Carlo focus on the growth of a few key product lines which will bring immense value to the USA restaurant trade.

Early-Mid 90’s

Orlando Foods meets the CAPUTO flour mill and begins to import “00” Flour to the USA, educating this market on its history, quality, and significance. This marks a huge turning point in the industry as Italian flour becomes introduced to Americans.


After visiting the farm for 3 successive years, Orlando Foods begins to import Torre Lupara Buffalo Mozzarella via frozen containers. Orlando Foods is innovative in this approach and one of the first importers in the US (United States) to work with an Italian cheese manufacture on perfecting the art of freezing and shipping mozzarella long distances.


Fred is invited to join the Board of Directors of the Association of Food Industries (AFI), an organization comprised of the leading food importers from around the country whose mission is to promote fair trade practices and support the food import industry as a whole.


Orlando Foods exhibits at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas for the first time. A pivotal event for the industry, it identifies a moment when the first authentic Neapolitan pizzas were ever made at a trade show in the USA, using CAPUTO flour and CIAO tomatoes. The artisan pizza industry was about to develop!


Orlando Foods begins to find its stride growing the distribution of its core products, CIAO Tomatoes, CAPUTO flour and LUPARA Bufala mozzarella, as well as still helping BARILLA grow their pasta business in the Northeast.

Early 2010s

After years of a close friendship, Orlando and Orto Conserviera begin to work together to promote Orto branded items in America.


With the growth of the artisan pizza movement and the recognition of the importance of high-quality Italian products, Orlando Foods hosts the first ever CAPUTO CUP USA (Trofeo Caputo) in New York City, bringing together the best pizza makers in the world to compete.


After meeting the Cremonini family and recognizing great synergies between their respective companies, Orlando Foods begins to import Olitalia products to America and launches Frienn, an innovative and unique oil designed to improve the healthy attributes and quality of fried foods.

2018 – Guinness World Record and First NYPF

Together with Fash Asvadi (ItalForni) and Jimmy Sisto (Venice Bakery), Orlando Foods organizes and finances what would become a successful attempt to obtain a Guiness World Record for the longest pizza ever made. The record still stands!
That same year, Orlando single handedly produced the first-ever New York Pizza Festival to support the pizza industry and those in need while building and fostering a community of passionate pizza lovers!

2023 – Ecommerce and Deliziosa

With growing demand from consumers for authentic high-quality Italian products in the USA, Orlando Foods launches a new business venture, e-commerce websites for Caputo Flour and Ciao Tomatoes to make these products more accessible to home chefs.

This year also marks Orlando Foods’ first import of Deliziosa Burrata and Straciatella in frozen containers.