Nick Nitti

Nick Nitti

Midwest Regional Manager

Meet Nick, our Midwest Regional Manager. Nick’s career began in the restaurant industry, where he started out as a dishwasher and ascended to the prestigious position of owner over ten years. For the past seven years, he brought his passion and expertise to a major Italian-centric food distribution company where he was a district sales representative covering Chicago.

Nick, brings a wealth of experience and intimate understanding of our products, and is set to elevate them to new heights across the Midwest. His commitment to the art of food, coupled with his love for building relationships makes him a dynamic force in our industry. 

Outside the realm of sales and food, Nick unwinds and recharges on the golf course, adding a swing of leisure to his busy life.

Nick Nitti

Some Fun Facts About Nick:

   Favorite pizza? Italian beef with Giardiniera on thin crust

   Favorite dessert? Portillo’s Chocolate Cake

   Favorite pasta cut? Fusilli

   What’s one word to describe yourself: Dedicated

Favorite Recipe

Chicken Francese

Chicken Francese

Butter, lemon, and white wine – what could be better!

Recipe coming soon!