Matthew Bemis

Matthew Bemis

Northwest Regional Manager

Meet Matthew, our Northwest Regional Manager, whose culinary career began during his senior year of high school when he started as a dishwasher at a local elderly care facility. The bustling kitchen environment quickly enamored him, and from there, he embraced the art of pizza making at a local chain.

As his skills grew, so did his opportunities. Matthew landed a gig as a line cook in a family-owned Italian restaurant. Realizing his true calling, he enrolled in culinary school, where he cooked his way through to pay for his tuition.

His culinary passion and talent propelled him through the ranks of fine dining restaurants, from line cook to Sous Chef, and eventually to the prestigious position of Executive Chef.

However, the world of food had more to offer. Driven by his deep interest in the historical and cultural aspects of cooking, he made a significant pivot, joining The Chefs Warehouse as a sales representative. This move allowed him to strike a balance between work and family life while still indulging in his passion for food and restaurants.

After six fulfilling years with The Chefs Warehouse, Matthew was hungry for a new challenge. He sought to specialize and deepen his knowledge of the highest quality culinary products, which ultimately led him to Orlando Foods where he found a platform to grow professionally and focus his approach, becoming an expert on the high-quality product lines that we represent.

Outside of his professional endeavors, you’ll find Matthew exploring the world with his family, savoring the great outdoors, and embarking on culinary adventures to discover new restaurants to share with loved ones. What truly lights up his day at Orlando Foods is the chance to meet artisans and assist them in perfecting their craft, embodying his deep-rooted passion for culinary excellence.

Matthew Bemis

Some Fun Facts About Matthew:

  Most underrated pizza topping? Calabrian Chilies

  Favorite dessert? Chocolate Cream Pie

  What’s one word to describe Orlando Foods? Welcoming

  What’s one thing you’ve learned since working at Orlando Foods? Teamwork is dream work

  What’s one word to describe yourself? Fun!

Favorite Recipe

Artisan pizza recipe photo

Artisan Pizza

Every night is pizza night at my house now! Well, almost… I love experimenting with different recipes and honing in my artisan pizza skills!

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