John Naccarato

John Naccarato

Mountain Regional Manager

Meet John, our Mountain Region Manager who lives out his heritage and passion for the Italian way of life and culture every day. Bringing the best from Italy to customers isn’t just business for him; it’s a way of life.

John’s list of accomplishments is impressive, starting with a college football scholarship and culminating in being honored as the 2018 Businessperson of the Year by the Italian American Business Association for Colorado. In addition to his professional achievements, John has also made a mark as a coach, mentoring collegiate and NFL athletes, nurturing their talents.

After graduating from college, John took an exciting turn when he ventured to Italy, where he worked in various roles, deepening his appreciation for his heritage and adding a rich layer of cultural experience. His return to the USA brought him to UTC/Collins Aerospace, where he excelled in business development. His analytical skills and leadership played a crucial role in achieving elevated levels of accuracy in budget and inventory forecasting. He then expanded the footprint of Grandma’s Frozen Noodles to multiple states and transformed the company’s presence, and set up the CORE branch at Shamrock Foods, contributing to inventory and sales management.

Today, John is the Mountain Regional Manager for Orlando Foods where brings the best Italy has to offer Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota.

In addition to his love for Italian culture, John finds immense joy in spending time with family and friends, cherishing those moments that truly matter.

John Naccarato

Some Fun Facts About John:

   Most underrated pizza topping? Pancetta (diced)

   Favorite dessert? Grappa

   Favorite pasta cut? Bucatini

–   What’s one thing you’ve learned since working at Orlando Foods? Dream work is teamwork

   What’s one word to describe yourself: Authentic

Favorite Recipe

Amatriciana Sauce Recipe Photo


The perfect harmony of savory and tangy flavors, marrying the richness of cured pork (guanciale) with the brightness of tomatoes and a hint of spicy heat, I love the simplicity and depth of this sauce! 

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