Joe Barilla & family

Joe Barilla

Northeast Regional Sales Associate

Meet Joe, a culinary maestro hailing from the vibrant heart of Long Island, NY, where big Italian family gatherings infused with food and tradition shaped his world. Joe’s culinary journey unfolded at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, where he graduated with an Associates in Culinary Arts. His appetite for knowledge led him to pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, specializing in Food Business Management.

Fueling his passion for global culinary exploration, Joe embarked on a culinary odyssey through Southeast Asia and Italy, immersing himself in the rich tapestry of food, wine, and agriculture. Post-graduation, he honed his managerial skills with Doherty Enterprises before crafting his culinary haven in the Hudson Valley—Heirloom Café. There, farm-to-table delights and themed dinner nights like Asian and Pasta extravaganzas marked his innovative touch.

After the restaurant’s success, Joe and his wife ventured to NJ, where he navigated the culinary landscape as a general manager for Harvest Restaurant Group. A shift to the world of sales saw him as a consultant at Buckhead Meat and Seafood, bringing his culinary finesse to a new domain.

Now, the next chapter unfolds as Joe joins Orlando Foods, bringing a wealth of culinary passion and expertise. Amidst the flavorful journey, Joe enjoys fun family moments with his 6-month-old baby girl, Viviana, and sharing his home with his two long-haired pugs, Allie “Al” Dente Barilla and Mani “Cotti” Barilla—adding a touch of whimsy to his culinary tale.


Joe Barilla & family

Some Fun Facts About Joe:

  Most underrated pizza topping? Jalapenos

  Favorite dessert? Gelato

 Favorite pasta cut? Casarecce and Bucatini

 One word to describe yourself: Charismatic or Ambitious

–  Favorite pizza style? Grandma!

Favorite Recipe

Tuscan lasagna

Tuscan Lasagna

Stay tuned for Joe’s favorite recipe!

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