From Plate to Palate

Understanding Italy’s Creamy Cheese Treasures

March 2024

Once well-kept secrets and regional delicacies of Italian cuisine, burrata and stracciatella have now emerged as a global culinary phenomenon, gracing menus in restaurants around the world. From upscale eateries to neighborhood bistros, chefs and food enthusiasts alike have fallen under the spell of their luxurious texture and delicate flavor. These creamy treasures, born from the rich heritage of Italian gastronomy, offer a sensory journey unlike any other. As we delve into their origins, craftsmanship, and culinary versatility, we uncover not just the essence of these delicacies, but also the cultural tapestry that they represent. From the rustic fields of Puglia to the bustling kitchens of American restaurants, burrata and stracciatella transcend geographical boundaries to weave their magic from plate to palate, beckoning us to savor the essence of Italy’s culinary excellence. Join us on a delectable exploration as we unravel the nuances and flavors of these iconic Italian creations. 

Origin Stories 

Burrata and Stracciatella, cherished delicacies hailing from the Murgia plateau in Puglia, Italy, boast a rich heritage dating back to the early 1900s. Both emerged to mitigate food waste with Stracciatella accounting for leftover cheese curds from mozzarella production. 

map of italy with puglia outlined in red

Crafted from fresh cow’s milk, Burrata’s distinctive allure lies in the meticulous process: a delicate layer of mozzarella ensconces a soft center of stracciatella, tender mozzarella scraps seamlessly stirred into cream. True magic happens when the burrata is sliced open and its creamy stracciatella interior spills out.  

Burrata with a stracciatella oozing out
Deliziosa knows that traditional and authentic burrata and stracciatella are impossible to replicate. It’s a difference you can immediately see and taste. Their plants, labs, and production facilities are cutting edge in design and located in Puglia, and all of their milk comes from the cows of selected farms within 30km of the factory which allows them to help local farmers and guarantee the inimitable quality and unique flavor of Apulian burrata and stracciatella. In 2017, they opened a brand-new factory to make their handmade burrata exclusively.  

From Italian Fields to Your Plate 

Deliziosa’s commitment to quality begins with the cows, which graze freely in pastures of the Apulian countryside, milk collected daily and checked using advanced technology to ensure animal welfare and environmental sustainability. They also guarantee supply chain tracking, starting with locally sourced/Italian food for their cows.  

Cows grazing in a field in Puglia with a trulli in the background
They undertake initiatives such as the conversion to green energy sources and the development of solutions to minimize environmental impact, reflecting their profound respect for the environment.  In their own words, “a land as unique as this deserves a special treatment.”  Now, you can offer a true made-in-Puglia delicacy on your menu! 

Artisan Craftsmanship 

Deliziosa’s delicacies are handcrafted by master cheesemakers and tested to the most stringent hygiene and quality standards. In fact, they produce 190,000-200,000 pieces of burrata daily, and in peak season (summer) this increases to 260,000 pieces a day, all handmade. Thanks to a super-efficient distribution network that takes freshly made products wherever they are needed, the Deliziosa range is winning over customers all over the world.  

man holding a piece of burrata

In the heart of Italy’s culinary tradition, this duo of dairy delights has captivated palates around the globe. Both Burrata and Stracciatella have experienced unprecedented booms in popularity in recent years, and their ascent to culinary stardom in America thanks to their irresistible taste, artisanal appeal, versatility, and alignment with evolving consumer preferences for high-quality, globally inspired cuisine. Like Torre Lupara, Deliziosa has mastered the art of freezing their products, which better preserves their freshness and quality during transit, so now you, too, can enjoy the authentic taste of Puglia wherever you are in the world. Their freezing technique allows their products to maintain their texture and flavor over time, ensuring that they arrive at their destination and on the plate with their characteristic taste intact. 

benefits of freezing Deliziosa and Torre Lupara cheeses

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