Carla Cosma

Carla Cosma

Sales Support Specialist

Meet Carla, our Sales Support Specialist who has been bringing a touch of Italian charm to our team since October 2022. Originally hailing from the beautiful region of Puglia in Southern Italy, Carla’s journey began with a Master’s Degree in Law. Four years ago, she embarked on a new adventure, making her way to the bustling streets of NYC to study business intelligence and hone her marketing skills at Fordham University. As a Sales Support Specialist, she’s the vital link between our sales team and our esteemed vendors in Italy, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

A true epicurean at heart, Carla’s love for food knows no bounds and she’s equally devoted to devouring books and exploring the far reaches of the world.  Her love for exploring both culinary and literary landscapes shines through, making her a wonderful addition to our Orlando family.

Carla Cosma

Some Fun Facts About Carla:

   Most underrated pizza topping? Tuna

   Favorite dessert? Bombolone with Cream

   Favorite Orlando Foods memory? Pizza Expo 2023

   What’s one word to describe Orlando Foods? My Family

   What’s one word to describe yourself? Exuberant

Favorite Recipe

Pasta with Tuna

Pasta al Tonno

This recipe has won my heart with its simplicity and bold flavors, creating a quick and satisfying meal. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a meal that is both comforting and effortlessly gourmet!

Recipe coming soon!