All Great Cooking Revolves Around Great Oil

Olitalia, an Italian company specialized in oils and vinegars, offers a wide range of products both through the retail distribution channel and in the catering sector, where it is the market leader in Italy. The profitable relationship with the catering world, thanks to active collaborations with the best Italian and international professionals and sector associations, and the presence in markets on all continents make it a point of reference for consumers of different cultures, allowing them to respond to the needs of a complex and constantly changing market.



Leading Olitalia is the Giuseppe Cremonini Family: a name that expresses over five decades of excellence in the food sector, a symbol of quality and tradition of Italian gastronomy in the world.



Olitalia has always worked paying particular attention to continuous technical and know-how updating. In particular, in recent years, the company has made extremely important investments in technology and plant engineering to offer the markets absolute levels of quality and safety.



Every year Olitalia invests a lot in innovation: creation of new products, technological evolution of our structures, reduction of consumption and environmental impact.



Sustainability is one of Olitalia’s core values and every decision is focused on reducing their environmental impact through projects like their Plastic No More initiative and CORIPET membership.

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