Barbara Batchelar

Barbara Vogel

Customer Service Representative

Barbara joined the Orlando Foods Team in March 2023 as a Data Entry Specialist/Customer Service Associate. Previously, she worked as an Account Manager for Coca-Cola Beverages in Bergen County NJ area.

Before that, she was a Regional Account Executive for Fragrances Elite International, where she had headquartered responsibility and managed accounts and field representatives in NY, NJ, CT, and Philadelphia territories.

Barbara has always been passionate about all the brands and Companies she has worked for and now includes Orlando Foods.

In her time outside of work, Barbara enjoys dining out, traveling, snorkeling, and skiing.

Barbara Batchelar

Some Fun Facts About Barbara:

  Most underrated pizza topping? Artichokes

  Favorite dessert? Banana Tempura with Chocolate Ice Cream

  Favorite Orlando Foods memory? Company Pizza Making Class

  Favorite pasta cut: Rigatoni

  What’s one word to describe yourself? Passionate

Favorite Recipe

Ciao Traditional Marinara Recipe photo

Tomato Sauce

Easy to make, meat-free, and versatile, it’s vibrant, robust flavor derived from slow-simmered tomatoes, garlic, and basil, is perfectly paired with pasta, pizza, or as a base for various dishes like fish. It’s a staple thanks to its timeless simplicity and depth of authentic Italian flavors.

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