Alexandra Mortati

Alexandra (Azie) Mortati

Director of Marketing

Meet Alexandra, affectionately known as Azie. Graduating from Lafayette College in 2015 with a BA in English and a Minor in Psychology, her journey led her back to her roots at Orlando Foods. From her high school days to college breaks, she was a familiar face, and in 2019, she officially embraced the family business as the Creative Director.

Uniting her two great passions: storytelling and the world of food, today, she shines as the Director of Marketing, spearheading remarkable initiatives like “Women in Pizza” and nurturing the dynamic Marketing team we have today.

Azie’s life is a never-ending quest for stories, whether diving into the pages of books, getting lost in the magic of films, exploring new horizons through travel, or savoring the artistry of food. She finds her greatest joy in the company of friends and family, where new stories are born with every shared moment.

Alexandra Mortati

Some Fun Facts About Azie:

  Most underrated pizza topping? Ciao Tomatoes 😉

  Favorite Dessert? Tiramisu

 Favorite Orlando Foods Memory? Starting Women in Pizza!

 What’s one word to describe yourself? Thoughtful

  What’s one thing you’ve learned since working for Orlando Foods? How to build a great team!

Favorite Recipe

Midnight Chocolate Cake Recipe Photo

Grammi’s Chocolate Cake

I generally prefer savory over sweet, but Grammi’s (Francesca Orlando!) chocolate cake has marked some of my biggest achievements! It’s a tradition I plan to continue to carry on! Tip: add a layer of Raspberry preserves between each layer! 

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