Pizza in Teglia – Roman pizza


Roman Pizza 'in Teglia'

Prep Time50 minutes
Cook Time7 minutes
Resting time2 days
Total Time2 days 57 minutes
Keyword: Pizza in Teglia


  • 25 Kg - Flour - 55 Lbs (100%)
  • 21 Liters - Water - 46.3Lbs (84%)
  • 125 g - Yeast (fresh) - 4.4 oz (0.5%)
  • 650 g - Salt - 23 oz (2.6%)
  • 600 g - Olive Oil - 21 oz (2.4%)


  • Place the flour in the mixer bowl and crumble the yeast
  • Have the water a 35F (maybe add ice to get the water that cold)
  • Let’s start to having the dough at 60% hydro, so add only 15L now start the mixer at slow speed
  • Once the dough is create add the salt
  • After 2 min increase the speed of the mixer and add the rest of the water gradually
  • Once all the water is absorbed by the dough add the olive oil
  • When all is in we will stop the mixer and every 15 min we’ll turn on the mixer for 1 min at slow speed. repeat the process 3 times.
  • Place the dough in one deep container and let stay at room temp for 1h before put in the cooler for 24h
  • After 24h fold the dough and place back in the cooler for another 24h
  • 24h later take the dough out and shape in the desire size (1300g 3Lb)
  • Let proof at room temp until is ready to use
  • Stretch in the semola and place in the pan
  • Top with the tomato and part back at 550 for 7 min
  • When the crust start to have a brown color add the mozzarella or other toppings and finish to bake.


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