Neapolitan Pizza – double fermentation


Neapolitan Pizza NUVOLA

double fermentation
Prep Time15 mins
Resting time16 hrs
Total Time16 hrs 15 mins
Keyword: Neapolitan pizza, Nuvola


  • 25 Kg - Flour - 55Lbs (100%)
  • 17 Liters - Water - 37.4Lbs (68%)
  • 25 g - Yeast (fresh) - 0.8oz (0.1%)
  • 750 g - Salt - 26.5oz (3%)


  • Place water in mixer bowl and melt the yeast
  • Then add 70% of the flour at slow speed
  • After 2 min add the salt
  • After 3 min add the rest of the flour
  • Until the dough will be nice and smooth
  • Total mixing time should be 15 min
  • Place the dough in one deep container and let rest for 12h at room temp (65F)
  • After 12h divide in the desire size (suggest 270g)
  • Place the dough balls in trays
  • Let ferment at room temperature (65F) for 4-5h
  • Store in the cooler if the usage of the dough is not immediately.
  • Best in ovens with wood fire.


4 thoughts on “Neapolitan Pizza – double fermentation

  1. Can you bread this recipe down for home cook?thank you

  2. Do you have this recipe for non commercial use? Thank you

  3. Some of the gram measurements in the recipe don’t match the baker’s percents shown. Here is the scaled down version based upon the bakers percents listed above, which are accurate. This makes 4 dough balls of 250 grams each (12″ pizzas)

    Caputo Nuvola: 584.45 grams (100%)
    Water 397.43 grams (68%)
    Salt 17.53 grams (3%)
    Yeast, Instant 0.5 grams (.34%) Using Instant vs Fresh yeast requires slightly more instant yeast. Also, 3% salt is high for me. Using 1% won’t change the results if you like less salt.

    1. Sorry, the Instant yeast amount of .5 grams I posted was for 1 pizza. You will need 2 grams for the 4 pizzas.

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