Focaccia bake recipe



Resting time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs
Keyword: Americana, focaccia
Author: Michele D’Amelio +1 (201)-745-5745


  • 30 oz dough ball for 12”x18” Sicilian Pan


  • Assuming we have a dough ready to use
  • Add some extra virgin olive oil in the pan
  • Start stretch the dough in the pan and make sure all corner are reached
  • Once all the corner are reached cover the pan with plastic or cover with the lid
  • Let rest the pan at room temp or even better at warm spot (will help the dough to prove fast and be very puffy)
  • After 1-2h the focaccia are ready to bake (550-600 F)
  • Before put the focaccia in the oven you can add some rosemary, coarse salt and extra virgin olive oil.
  • The cooking time is varies depending on the oven, cook until the top of the Focaccia turning in nice golden color
  • You can serve hot or cut in small pieces and serve as appetizer or cut in half and fill with prosciutto and arugula.


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