Detroit style


Detroit style

Prep Time15 minutes
Resting time1 day 1 hour
Total Time1 day 1 hour 15 minutes
Keyword: Americana, Detroit style


  • 25 Kg - Flour - 55Lbs (100%)
  • 16.5 Lt - Water - 36.3Lbs (66%)
  • 125 g - Yeast fres - 4.5oz (0.5%)
  • 625 g - Salt - 22oz (2.5%)
  • 500 g - Olive Oil - 17oz (2%)


Dough Process:

  • Place water in mixer bowl and melt the yeast
  • Then add 70% of the flour at slow speed
  • After 2 min add the salt
  • After 3 min add the rest of the flour
  • Mixing for 5 min then add gradually the oil
  • Until the dough will be nice and smooth
  • Total mixing time should be 15 min
  • Place the dough on the table and divide in the desire size

Pizza Process:

  • Place the dough ball in the pan and cover with plastic
  • Take the dough balls and place it in the pan
  • Cover the pan with plastic film and put in the cooler
  • After min 24H take out the pan from the cooler and let rest at room temp for 1H
  • When the dough is warm start stretch the dough until the dough fill all the pan and touch all the corners
  • Cover the pan with plastic or lid and place the pan on warm spot for 1H
  • The dough will be puffy and airy, cover with cheese or other favorite topping Bake at 550


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