Extruded Pasta Recipe


Extruded Pasta

Prep Time8 mins
Cook Time3 mins
Total Time11 mins
Keyword: extruded pasta, fresh pasta


  • 300 g Caputo Gluten Free Flour - 100%
  • 120 g Water - 40%
  • 5 g Xanthan Gum - 1.7%


  • Combine Caputo Gluten Free Flour and Xanthan Gum into mixer. Mix for 2 minutes.
  • Gradually add your water into the mixer while your machine is in mixing mode
  • Let mix for 3-5 minutes
  • Turn your machine to extrude. Disregard the first 1-3 minutes until the machine has adapted to the flour and you start to see a consistent product being extruded   (see photo)
  • Cut your pasta to the desires size and place on a perforated tray or cooling rack to dry.
  • COOK TIME: When your water is at a rolling boil place your pasta in your pasta basket and cook for 2-3 minus and finish off in the sauce.


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