Strategically located near the port of Naples, Italy, the Caputo family has been milling the highest quality 00 Flours available for over 125 years. The best pizzerias in Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza, insist on Caputo 00 Flour to make their dough, and so should you.

Chefs Flour 10/1kg

“00” Pizzeria Flour 25kg

“00” Pasta Fresca e Gnocchi Flour 25kg

Rinforzata Flour 25kg

“00” Extra Flour 25kg

Gluten Free Flour 5kg pail or 1kg bag

Semola Flour 5kg or 10/1kg

Whole Wheat Flour 25kg

Pizza a Metro 25kg

Americana Pizza Flour 25kg

To learn more go to www.molinocaputo.it